Sanitiser Dispensers

Over the horizon, the NEW NORMAL will be a ‘hands first’ world.

Washing hands with alcohol based products at the entry point of premises will assist in other preventative measures currently in action.

Spray Bottle with Trigger
Base price: $3.90
Sanitiser Disp Infrared Auto 280ml
Base price: $23.55
Sanitiser Disp 320ml Mini Automatic
Base price: $39
Push Sanitiser Disp & Sani Pod
Base price: $78
Sanitiser Wall Infrared Disp
Base price: $115
Metal/ Acrylic Stand Sanitiser Holder
Base price: $155
Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Stand
Base price: $170 $199
Sanitiser Stand with Dispenser Steel
Base price: $199 $240
Premium Dispenser Stand
Base price: $220 $269
Sanitiser Station Steel Stand with 1L Sani
Base price: $256
Sanitiser Auto Disp Display Stand
Base price: $385
Sanitation Station (as seen at Woolworths)
Base price: $1,599